The Vikingsholm Endowment Campaign is your legacy opportunity. image

The Vikingsholm Endowment Campaign is your legacy opportunity.

$167,912 raised

$300,000 goal

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The need for operational and maintenance funding for Vikingsholm, since it became a part of the California State Parks System in 1954, is a continual challenge. With inadequate State resources to address the annual costs and long term needs, the Sierra State Parks Foundation has stepped up to keep the historic house museum open and maintained. As with all old homes, the needs increase each year and a solution is needed to ensure future funds will be available for the upkeep of Vikingsholm.

The Vikingsholm Forever Endowment Campaign is your legacy opportunity!

All contributions to the Vikingsholm Endowment are fully tax deductible and every amount is critical to the end result of restoration and maintenance of this Lake Tahoe landmark.

A minimum investment of $1,000, will grant you membership as a Founding Member! Your name will be listed on a plaque inside the Vikingsholm Visitor Center and you will receive a Founding Member pin. You will have the first opportunity for events at Vikingsholm and will be invited to a grand celebration when benchmarks are reached. Donors over $5,000 will be given the opportunity to host a private reception at Vikingsholm for up to 8 people. Contact Executive Director Heidi Doyle for more information on this unique opportunity.

Why a $1,000,000 campaign? It is expected the full endowment will return $40,000 annually. These funds will be sufficient to 1) support a dedicated Restoration Specialist with the specialized skills to perform maintenance and restoration tasks for Vikingsholm and 2) provide material funds for the completion of top priority needs. It is acknowledged that supplemental future funds will need to be identified as larger scale restoration projects surface. It is the goal of the Sierra State Parks Foundation to continuously work with California State Parks and other entities to partner for these large scale needs.

How do I know these funds will be used wisely and only for Vikingsholm? The Vikingsholm Forever Endowment funds are deposited in restricted status for this use only. This restriction will remain in effect FOREVER. Funds are held in an Vanguard investment account. The Board of Directors of the Sierra State Parks Foundation are dedicated to the preservation of Vikingsholm and prudent and transparent fiscal oversight of funds placed in their trust.